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Alliance Legal Solutions offers innovative financing products for small law firms to provide capital for case development and firm growth and to address the cash flow challenges of irregular revenue. Alliance is more accurate at valuing a law firm’s portfolio of anticipated fees than traditional lenders and uses these fees as collateral for financing. Moreover, Alliance provides simple repayment terms designed for how the law firm earns fees.

Our approach to financing gives law firms greater access to future revenue for working capital while avoiding the disconnect of regular repayment programs that don’t match the timeline of a law firm’s fee recoveries.


How We Can Help

Alliance is the nations leader in financing to small law firms. With over ten years of underwriting experience, our team is dedicated to helping your firm obtain the financing it requires. All with breakthrough customer service!

Why Are We Different?

Alliance understands how inconsistent cash flow creates challenges for law firms. We know that having available funds for general operating expenses, marketing, and case development costs allow law firms to pursue litigation on behalf of their clients better and become more successful. Unlike banks, we understand the value of your business portfolio and your anticipated fee receivables.

Alliance was created to provide law firms with unique cash flow solutions by utilizing contingent fees and earned fees as a form of collateral.

We are experts helping expertsTM. That understanding is why we are the most comprehensive funding solution for your firm in the industry today. Alliance offers several law firm financing products that can fill the gap in the traditional lending market in a way that helps law firms survive cash crunches and grow their business.

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Alliance Legal Solutions provides innovative financial services to law firms throughout the United States.